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Factors contributing to the life satisfaction of secondary school teachers in Jos North LGA

Emmanuel Clementina Shyim, Katrina A. Korb


The study examined the contribution of three factors to the life satisfaction of secondary school teachers in Jos North. The three factors include monthly income, job satisfaction and meaningful work. Ninety-two secondary school teachers working in public and private schools within Jos North participated in the study. A correlational research design was employed for the study. Diener's Satisfaction with Life Scale (1985), Steger, Dik and Duffy's work as meaning inventory (2012) and Spector's Job Satisfaction Survey (1985) were used in collecting data for the study. Pearson's Product Moment Correlation was used to test the hypotheses. Job satisfaction and meaningful work positively correlated with life satisfaction whereas monthly income had no relationship with life satisfaction. The study therefore recommends an improvement in the working environment of teachers to increase job satisfaction that leads to life satisfaction.

Keywords: Teachers, Life satisfaction, Job satisfaction, Income, Meaningful work

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