The relationship between Management Information System (MIS) and university management in Southwest Nigeria

  • S.A. Bello
  • O.A. Thomas
Keywords: Management Information System (MIS), University management, Decision making and Policy making.


The study assessed the utilization of Management information System (MIS) in decision making and policy making processes in the management of universities. The correlational research design was adopted. Using stratified  random sampling technique, universities were first stratified into federal and state, then staff were stratified to teaching and non-teaching staff. A total of 100 participants took part in the study. Data were collected using  questionnaire and analyzed using Pearson Product Moment  Correlation (r) and t-test statistics. The result revealed that there is a significant relationship between MIS and decision-making and policy making respectively. There was also a significant difference between federal and state universities in the utilization of MIS in their mode of  operations. It was recommended that there should be provision of MIS facilities, MIS project should be supported with adequate funds, and the use of MIS should be emphasized in the National Universities Commission (NUC) minimum standards.

Keywords: Management Information System (MIS), University  management, Decision making and Policy making.


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print ISSN: 1119-9210