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Effect of Parboiling on Physico-chemical Qualities of Two Local Rice Varieties in Nigeria

B. O. Otegbayo
F. Osamuel
J. B. Fashakin


Two varieties of local rice in paddy form were used for this study. The rice were collected from local farmers at Okemesi Ekiti in Ekiti State of Nigeria (western Nigeria). The rice were divided into halves, one half was processed by Parboiling, Drying and Milling, the other half was processed by Drying and Milling only.

The result from the study showed that parboiling affected the physico-chemical qualities of the rice varieties. There were differences in the physical dimension, appearance, colour, water absorption, cooking time, amylose, protein, fat and carbohydrate contents of the parboiled and non-parboiled rice samples. Varietal differences also exist between the rice samples.

Parboiling reduced the breakage, fat, protein and amylose content of the rice while the cooking time, water uptake and thiamine contents were increased. It can therefore be inferred that parboiling which has been the means of processing rice in Nigeria can be a way of improving vitamin content and milling properties of rice and should attract the interest of food technologists and food processors to develop the rice industry.

The Journal of Food Technology in Africa Volume 6 No.4, 2001, pp. 130-132

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eISSN: 1028-6098