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The Antioxidant Property of Aframomum danelli Spice in Oils.

S. B Fasoyiro
G. O Adegoke
V.A Obatolu
O Ashaye
S.O Aroyeun


A study was carried out on the antioxidant property of Aframomum danelli extract in palm oil and soybean oil. The activity of A. danielli extract was compared with those of other antioxidants of other plant sources, rosemary extract and d- tocopherol, at different concentrations. A. danielli was as active as rosemary plant extract in reducing rate of peroxide formation in soybean oil at concentrations of 200 ppm and 300 ppm . A danielli was much more effective than tocopherol in reducing peroxidation in soybean oil and palm oil at the higher concentrations except at 50 ppm.

The Journal of Food Technology in Africa Volume 6 No.4, 2001, pp. 135-137


Antioxidant activity, Aframomum danielli spice, oils.

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eISSN: 1028-6098