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Estimation of stature from facial parameters in adult Abakaliki people of South – Eastern Nigeria

E O Ewunonu


This study is carried out in order to estimate the height of adult Igbo people of Abakaliki ethnic group in South-Eastern Nigeria from their facial Morphology. The parameters studied include Facial Length, Bizygomatic Diameter, Bigonial Diameter, Nasal Length, and Nasal Breadth. A total of 1000 subjects comprising 669 males arid 331 females whose age-range falls within 12 years to 45 years were measured directly with a pair of metal spreading calipers and steel tape following internationally recommended standard methods and techniques. Facial and Nasal indices were then calculated. The result shows that all the five parameters correlated positively (r=0.98) with stature. The bizygomatic Diameter (BZD) presented stronger correlation with stature than the other facial parameters. Also, regression analysis shows that the BZD gives a better prediction of stature. This could be useful in forensic applications.

Keywords: Stature, Facial, Nigerian, Bizygomatic, Bigonial Nasal.

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