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Dr. Sam A. Igwe

Peer Review

JHVS articles are peer reviewed. Authors submit 3 copies of manuscript, the editorial office retains a copy while 2 copies are sent to reviewers in the relevant disciplines outside the domicile or parent university of the author(s). The postal, name & affiliation of the author(s) are not disclosed to the reviewers. After the review,based on the JHVS guidelines, the manuscripts and the reviewers comments are returned to the Editor, who in turn returns the reviewed manuscript & the comments to the author(s) for corrections before publication or otherwise a manscript is accepted for publication after it has undergone correction followng the reviewers comments. Reviewers also assess the suitability, relevance, scientific and academic content for each manuscript and make recommendations accordingly. Based on the comments of the reviewers, a manuscript can be rejected, accepted or resubmitted after corrections for fresh considerations.

Publication Scheduling

Twice yearly

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