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Trachomaas one of the leading cause of low vision In Kano State

ES Odjimogho, SE Odjimogho


Trachoma is fast becoming a common cause of low vision in developing countries. In order to ascertain this, a survey of one thousand (1000) subjects with low vision aged between 15-70 years with mean age of 31.30 years was conducted in the northern part of Nigeria. These subjects were seen from
1990-1998 (a period of 9 years) in three leading specialist eye centres in Kano State (ECWA Savana and General hospital). Data on sex, age, cause of low vision, and the visual acuity was obtained and analysed using percentages. The result revealed that, trachoma was the second highest leading cause of blindness after cataract with 243 subjects representing (24.3%) of the sample population.And female subjects were
more affected than their male counterpart with 69.1% and 30.9% respectively. The most affected age group was 5-15 years with 50 (20.6%) of the sample population and the least affected age group was 60-70 years with30 representing (12.3%).Also 85.5% of the study population had visual acuity of 20/1000 while 14.5% had acuity of 20/700. And all the subject in this study population had the infection at terminal
stage. In conclusion therefore, the study has shown that trachoma is the second highest cause of partial blindness or low vision, with more than 20% of the sample population affected. Thus there is need for urgent enlightenment on preventive measure to save our citizen especially those in Northern Nigeria from themenace of trachoma.
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