Strain characterization of West African Dwarf Goats of Ogun State I

  • F.A. Aluko
  • A.A. Ageh
  • A.E. Salako
  • M.O. Ozoje
  • H.A. Awojobi
  • O.A. Adeyemi
Keywords: strain, live weight, male, female, chaimose, buckskin


Characterization of West African Dwarf goat is an approach to a sustainable use of its great potentials. In this study, strains of WAD goat were characterized using linear body measurement. The WAD goat included the gold (brown), black, buckskin and chaimose of ages 1, 2, 3 and 4 years,raised under extensive system of management. The quantitative traits measured included the face length (FaL), ear length (EL), ear width (EW), fore limb length (FL), hind limb length (HL), tail length (TL), height at wither (HW), hip width (HpW), body length (BL) and live weight (LW) of the animal. Attainment of highest live weight with age varied in this goat. At age 3 years, the chaimose (16.67 ± 3.35kg) was superior in live weight to the gold (14.88 ± 3.73kg).At age 4 years, the buckskin (19.23 ± 6.83kg) was superior in live weight to the black (16.69 + 7.79kg). At age 3 years, FL, HL, HW and HpW was 10.39 ± 0.57 inches, 11.43 ± 0.55 inches, 16.91 ± 0.89 inches, 5.42 ± 1.01 inches respectively in chaimose WAD goat. At age 4 years, FL, HL, HW, HpW was 9.89 ± 2.29 inches, 10.97 ± 2.49 inches, 16.8 ± 3.95 inches, 5.60 ± 1.53 inches respectively in buckskin WAD goat. Live weight was positive and highly significantly correlated (P<0.05) with all body parameters in the male and female goats. Highest correlation (P<0.05) between live weight and body parameters were HG (r = 0.913) and BL (r=0.909) in the male chaimose, HpW (r = 0.903) and HG (r = 0.894) in the female chaimose, HL (r = 0.710) and FL (r = 0.689) in the male buckskin, HpW (r= 909) and HG (r = 0.859) in the female buckskin. Chaimose and buckskin could be selected for an improvement programme because they exhibited superiority in most traits.

Keywords: strain, live weight, male, female, chaimose, buckskin


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eISSN: 1597-0906