Journal of Agriculture, Forestry, and the Social Sciences (JOAFSS) is a biannual Journal that considers contributions from the following fields: Agriculture, Forestry, wild life and Fisheries, Veterinary medicine, Food Sciences, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, environment and other basic ,Social and applied Sciences that bear a direct relevance to Agriculture and sustainable food production PREPARATION OF PAPERS - Original manuscripts, not yet published elsewhere, should be in double line spacing on one side of A4 paper with wide margins - Manuscripts should be written in English language. Each copy of the manuscript must be accompanied with a 3.5” diskette containing the article labeled appropriately and saved as an MS-word document. The article should preferably be saved more than once on the diskette and contributors should have back up copies saved on the computer just incase the need arises to retrieve the article. - The manuscript should not exceed 12 pages (including tables and figures) -Tables and figures should be reduced to the barest minimum Manuscripts should be prepared according to the following specifications: TITLE PAGE The title should indicate the content of the article. It should be such that captures and rouses the interest of the reader. It should contain name(s) and affiliation of author(s). ABSTRACT The abstract should be concise and must not exceed 180 words. INTRODUCTION This section should state succinctly, the problems the research wishes to address and the objective of the research. Very detailed literature review should be avoided. METHODOLOGY This section should state clearly why the author(s) approached the problem(s) in a specific way. A concise description of experimental Design would be appreciated. RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS This should contain observed results and their interpretations. Tables should be numbered with Arabic numbers and not with roman figures. Discussions should precede Tables. CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS This should be concise and straight to the point. It must arise from the issues raised in the paper. REFERENCES This should take the format of the current American Psychological Society Association (APA) editorial style. For Books Busola,A.E.(2004) :Hat making in the 21st Century.2nd ed.: Madandola Publishers, Calabar. For Journal articles Busola, A.E.(2004): Hat and Birthday cakes in the humid tropics of Africa and South east Asia. Journal of Hat and Cakes .14(2):27-33 Published Conference Proceedings Busola,A.E.(2004): Tropical condiments in indigenous and foreign dishes. In: Essien, A., Angba, A. O. and Adesope, O. .M. (eds). Indigenous African Foodstuffs and condiments. Proceedings of the 13th National Conference of African condiments. 140-149 References within the text should carry surname followed by the year of publication and not surnames and initials. POSITION PAPERS Position papers would be accepted if they conform to this format: Title, Abstract, introduction/objectives of the paper, Theoretical concepts, conclusion/suggestions, and References ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Author(s) may wish to acknowledge individuals or agencies that assisted in the research. Just a single sentence can convey this feeling. All articles sent must be accompanied by an assessment fee of N1,000:00(approximately $7) in cash or bank draft to either the Editor-in Chief or the Coordinating editor. Articles accepted become the copyright of JOAFSS.Authors would be held responsible if the copyright of others are violated. A publication fee shall be paid when a paper is accepted for publication in the Journal. All correspondences to: Dr. M. A. Bamikole (Editor-in-Chief, JOAFSS) Department of Animal Science, University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria E-mail: OR ESSIEN Antigha (Coordinating Editor, JOAFSS) Department of Animal Science, Cross River University of Technology, Obubra Campus. P.M.B 1123,Calabar. E-mail:

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