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Ethnobotanical survey of some important medicinal plant in Epinmi Akoko, Ondo State Nigeria

Q.R. Olopete
J.E. Ale


The study was designed to explore knowledge about important medicinal plants used traditionally to cure some diseases in the Epinmi akoko area of Ondo state. Information was gathered from different people through an oral interviews and structured questionnaire. The respondents were aged herbal practitioners, domiciled in the study area. Plant specimens were identified by their local names.  Aged people and herbal practitioners were contacted for adequate information on plant species and their medicinal uses. Major information was gathered with the help of the herbal practitioners. A total number of 47 plants were recorded for the treatment of different diseases, belonging to 30 families Some of the plants are mainly use for the treatment of malaria, cough, asthma, dysentery and many more. The survey revealed that people in this area strongly depend on medicinal plants. for the treatment of various diseases.

Keywords: Ethnobotany, medicinal plants, Epinmi Akoko, Ondo state.