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Economic Analysis Of Private Sector Participation In Swine Production in Ibadan Metropolis, Oyo State, Nigeria

KA Akanni
AS Onasanya


In this study, the analysis of the economics of private sector participation in swine production in Ibadan metropolis, Oyo State, was conducted. Data were collected from sixty private operators of swine farms, who were randomly selected from the study area between March and October, 2002. Descriptive statistics and budgetary techniques were employed in the analysis of data. The size of stock kept ranged between 1 and 50 swine for small-scale operators (47.5%), 51 – 100 swine for the medium-scale operators (37.5%) and large-scale operators (15.0%) had 100 swine or more. Eighty-five percent (85%) of the swine farmers started their farms with personal savings and 97.5% of them were educated. Gross revenue per swine farmer was N 441,700 with an annual average total cost of N 92550 and average variable cost of N 65,550. Average gross margin per swine farm was N 406,150 with average capital turn over of 5.10 and the total net income of N 379150. The profitability index however, stood at 0.804 per farm. Increased funding, provision of various credit sources and better awareness among women folks were recommended for implementation to ensure a better performance of swine industry in Ibadan metropolis, Oyo State.

Key words: Economic analysis; private sectors; swine productions; Ibadan metropolis.

Journal of Agriculture, Forestry and the Social Sciences Vol.2(2) 2004: 51-57