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Agricultural market integration and price communication: Case study of Cross border grain marketing between Nigeria and Niger Republic

Z Abdusalam
JO Olukosi
AO Ogunbile
JP Voh


Reports have shown that quite substantial quantities of grains are traded informally between Nigeria and Niger Republic annually in recent years. This paper attempts to assess the availability of market information (especially on prices) and the mode of dissemination to the cross-border market participants, as well as determine the degree of integration between the various markets of the two countries that are involved in the trade. Primary and secondary data were used. The primary data was drawn from twenty-nine (29) and twenty-three (23) cross-border cowpea traders sampled in the Nigerian and Niger Republic border markets respectively. Similarly, eighteen (18) and sixteen (16) maize traders were sampled from the Nigerian and Niger Republic border markets respectively. Simple descriptive statistics and Ravallion model were the analytical tools employed in the analysis. It was found that the market participants were well informed of the market conditions mainly through co-traders (81%) There was speedy transmission of market information across the markets on both sides of the border. It was also found that there was integration between the supplying and the demanding markets br>
Journal of Agriculture, Forestry and the Social Sciences Vol. 3 (2) 2005: pp.32-41