Determination Of Optimum Stocking Density And Feeding Frequency For Heterobranchus longifilis (BURCHELL, 1822) Fingerlings In Aquarium Tanks

  • BO Offem
  • GU Ikpi
Keywords: Feeding frequency, stocking density, Heterobranchus longifilis, Glass aquaria


Fourteen day old fingerlings of Heterobranchus longifilis of average weight 0.85g in replicates of 6.50litres glass aquarium at 4.5, 9.0 and 18.0 fish/ litre fed ad libitum thrice daily at 10% biomass/day with 40% crude protein was used to determine the optimum density. The density 4.5 fish/litre produced the highest average weight of 5.2g in 50 days. To assess the optimum feeding frequency, 15-day –old fingerling average weight 0.95g were replicated in 4.50litre glass aquaria at density 4.5fish/litre (density with the highest average growth rate) and fed at five different feeding regimes; 1meal/day, 3meals/day, 4meals/day. Feeding frequency of 8meals/day gave the highest average weight (6.5g) with significant difference (P<0.05) between treatments. Specific growth rate ranged from 2.3-4.6 and food conversion ratio from 11.6-14.5 survival of fish varied from 78-98% and showed no relationship with density and feeding regime. The density of 4.5fish/litre and feeding regime (8meals/day) were optimum and most suitable for nursery of

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eISSN: 1597-0906