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The Role Of Rural Women In Crop And Poultry Production In Cross River State, Nigeria

IB Adinya, SO Akpet, OA Agba, EE Enun


This paper examines the roles of rural women in crops and poultry production in rural areas in Cross River State, and their contribution to food production and preservation. The paper also revealed that rural women participate in food production and bearing responsibility for food marketing and distribution, family health, nutrition and sanitation. The lack of recognition of women’s contribution in crops and poultry production has resulted to low productivity in agriculture. The respondents were randomly selected from each of the villages, 66 respondents were selected each from Ikom and Obubra villages, while 68 respondents were selected from Ogoja, making a total number of 200 respondents all together. Result of findings revealed that women play major roles in processing of cassava into garrii (19%), marketing of farm products (13%), planting of crops (19%), weeding (12%) harvesting (36%),storage (36%) and cleaning of poultry house and feeding of poultry birds(17.50%). It is recommended that government should recognize the enormous contribution of women in enhancing agricultural development in Cross River State.

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