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The Efficacy Of Biomin® As A Natural Growth Promoter On The Performance Traits Of Ross Breed Broilers

SB Akinleye, EA Iyayi, KD Afolabi


One hundred and twenty day old Ross broiler chicks were randomly alloted to two diets with or without biomine in a completely radomized design. There were sixty birds per treatment and each treatment had 3 replicates–
twenty birds per replicate. Energy content of the diets was 3,000kal metabolizable energy (ME) per kg with crude protein content of 22% and 17% for the starter and finisher’s mash respectively. A test diet with biomine (1g/kg) was given ad libitum at the starter and finisher stages, and oral biomine (2mg/bird) was given for three consecutive days at each of the stages. A control diet without biomine was allowed per phase. Biomine, made
up of prebiotics and probiotics had no significantly (P>0.05) positive effect on the performance characteristics of Ross Breed broilers monitored at both starter and finisher phases. Post mortem result revealed that 6.67% of birds on control diet died of diarrhoea due to microbial infections. Biomine a symbiotic natural growth promoter must have served as antibiotics and enhanced the immunity of birds on biomine treated diets.

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