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Marketing and utilization survey of some forest plant tubers sold in Abeokuta Metropolis

S.A Odewo
A.J Oloketuyi
B.T Olajide
A Adeyemo
O.J Shittu
C.S Osudiala


A marketing and utilization survey of some forest plants tubers sold in Abeokuta markets was conducted. Four markets were chosen namely, Itoku, Kuto, Adatan and Iberekodo with ,35, 25, 20, and 20 herb sellers respectively. Hundred percent enumerations of questionnaire were administered in the Markets. The number of respondents in Itoku, Kuto, Adatan and Iberekodo were 20, 20, 16, and 15 respectively. The survey revealed that 21 plant tubers were sold and utilized for medical purposes. The tubers are used to cure 14 ailments/disease conditons and symptoms among which are malaria, convulsion, dizziness, pile, rheumatism, cough and stroke. Due to their perishable nature, these tubers are either stored in a ventilated areas or buried in the ground. The survey also revealed that married people (48%) engaged fully in the business to support their dependants.Most of them are (55%) illiterates since the business has been associated with the aged over the years. The price of each plant tuber ranged from N10 to N50; the cost of each tuber in all the four markets were the same. It is recommended that more work be done on the contribution of these forest plant tubers to the national economy and the likely consequences of their unregulated exploitation.