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Socio-economic characteristics and rural households’perception about the consumption of grasscutter (thryonomys swinderianus) meat in selected lgas of kogi state

F Awe
F.O Idumah
E Imoagene
T.S Eniola


This study examines the relationships between socioeconomic characteristics of rural households and theirperception about the consumption of grasscutter meat in some selected Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Kogi State. In all, one hundred and fifty questionnaires were randomly administered but only one hundred and forty two were found useable. Findings from the study show that a larger proportion of the respondents fall between 30-49 years of age. Seventy nine percent (79%) of the respondents had at least primary education and 67% earned N10, 000 and above. It was also discovered that most respondents like grasscutter meat because of its taste and the main source of the meat is through hunting. It was found that there were no significant relationships between selected socioeconomic characteristics of respondents and their perception of grass cutter meat consumption.

Keywords: Grasscutter, Socioeconomic characteristics, rural house hold, Kogi State, Perception