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Diseases of poultry in Akure, Nigeria: a ten year analysis of clinical records

OR Folorunso
AA Fadiyimu
K Sule


An analysis of poultry diseases diagnosed at the avian clinic of Veterinary Hospital of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Akure, Ondo-State, was carried out using data from 22,927 cases reported at the clinic over a period of ten years. The commonest diseases reported were Newcastle, 9.8%, chronic respiratory disease, 8.8%, helminthoses, 8.5%, fowl pox, 7.0%, coccidiosis, 0.5%, Gumboro, 0.07% and pneumonia, 0.004%. Incidence of Newcastle disease (NCD) was highest in the dry season with peak of outbreak in January and occurred most in chicks less than 7 weeks old. Chronic respiratory disease (CRD) showed the highest incidence in birds over 12 weeks old and was not recorded for birds less than 7 weeks old. Infectious bursal disease (IBD), fowl pox (FP) and coccidiosis occurred more in young birds less than 7 weeks of age. It was concluded that viral diseases (NCD, IBD and FP), ectoparasitism and helminthoses were the most important poultry diseases in Akure and young birds were more susceptible.

Key Words: Disease, poultry, Akure,