Cost and returns of cassava-based cropping system in Rivers State, Nigeria

  • BC Herbert
  • MG Nyienakuna
Keywords: Cassava, cropping system, cost and returns


This paper examined the profitability of cassava-based cropping system in Rivers State of Nigeria. A total of 180 farmers were sampled for this study using the three-stages random techniques. The cropping system studied include cassava/maize, cassava/melon, cassava/yam, cassava/maize/melon and cassava/maize/yam. Data collected through field visit and questionnaire were analyzed using farm budgeting technique. Results show that cassava/maize/yam gave the highest gross margin per hectare (N64,209) followed by cassava/yam (N 46,730.20) while cassava/maize attracted the least profit of (N 14,214). Difference among the gross margin was observed at 5% level of significance. The production cost for cassava/maize/yam was the highest (N 35,069.6) followed by cassava/yam (N 32,260.3) while the least was cassava/melon. The observed high costs of enterprises were mainly due to the increase in the prices of resource inputs utilized by the farmers. Recommendations therefore include timely credit delivery and subsidized cost of inputs to the farmers by all levels of Government as well as adoption of improved varieties for the crop mixture farming.

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eISSN: 1597-0906