Forestry Extension: An Indispensable Service for Sustainable Forestry Development in Nigeria.

  • OO Odefadehan
  • SDY Alfred
Keywords: Forestry, extension, sustainable development


Nigeria as a country in the tropics boasts of large expanse of high forest, especially in the southern part of the country. Unfortunately human activities have depleted the forest through, uncontrolled lumbering, bush burning, charcoal production just to mention a few. All these activities by the forest families alters the ecological balance of the environment .These rural forest families may not be blamed for these environmentally unfriendly activities because they are mostly illiterates who are ignorant of the negative effect of their activities on the ecological balance. They fall trees without replanting, simply because they believe another one will spring up in as much as the ones they fell were not planted but was provided by nature. In order to halt this negative trend, forestry extension must be recognized and given priority. It is effective forestry extension that can enlighten and educate the forest communities on the inherent dangers their activities pose to the enviroment.This is the premise on which the challenges facing effective forestry extension delivery in Nigeria and suggested solutions to the highlighted challenges is the focus of this write up.

Key words: Forestry, extension, sustainable development


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eISSN: 1597-0906