Culture Trials of Gymnarchus niloticus in Earthen and Concrete Ponds

  • OF Nwachi
Keywords: Gymnarchus niloticus, culture, fingerlings, Burutu


Culture trials of Gymnarchus niloticus in earthen and concrete pond was carried out. A total of 440 fingerlings of G. niloticus from Burutu River, Delta State, were collected. A total of 220 fingerlings were stocked in each of the
receptacles. The fingerlings were fed with live artemia for two weeks and commercial feed of size 0.5-0.8mm and 0.8-1.2mm for 10 weeks. Samples were taken weekly and the result shows 99% survival, 13.08cm final length and 4.41g final weight for earthen pond as against 54.5% survival, 11.30cm final length and 2.76g final weight in concrete pond. This shows that G. niloticus can be cultured in captivity and grow better in earthen pots than concrete tanks. G niloticus was able to convert feed to flesh and shows ability to withstand culture stress to some extent in the two culture system.

Key words: Gymnarchus niloticus, culture, fingerlings, Burutu.


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eISSN: 1597-0906