Population Genetic Structure and Gene Flow Among Nigerian Goats

  • M Okpeku
  • A Essien
Keywords: Microsatellite DNA, genetic structure, gene flow, Nigerian goats


Population Genetic structure in 200 indigenous goats sampled across four states from the South-Western and South Southern region of Nigeria was assessed using 7 microsatellite DNA markers. Observed Analysis of molecular genetic variation (AMOVA) was higher within populations (3.47) than among populations (1.84) accounting for 71% and 29% of the total genetic variation respectively. Population structure analysis clustered Nigerian goats into 2 distinct groups with Sahel (SA) and Red Sokoto (RS) forming a cluster on one side and WAD on the other. Highest gene flow values (3.46) were observed between Ibadan Sahel (IBSA) and Port-Harcourt Sahel (PHSA) goats, while the least (0.25) was recorded between Abeokuta West African Dwarf (ABWAD) and Abeokuta red Sokoto (ABRS) goat populations. It was conclude that there is a good measure of genetic diversity that can be harnessed for planned genetic improvement and confirms that there is indiscriminate flow of gene within and among Nigerian goat breeds.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1597-0906