Manuscripts should be submitted in triplicate copies along with a non-refundable fee of =N=1,000(one thousand naira) in Bank-draft written in favour of Dr. J.O.A Idiodi , whose name and address appears below. Alternatively, the money can be paid through; Bank : Any of the branches of Standard Trust Bank (STB) Nation wide Account # : 07964210801152 Account Name: Dr. John O.A. Idiodi On payment of the money through any of the mediums stated above, contributors should notify the Editor- in- Chief through the email address and phone # given below. Each issue of the journal of NAMP is published in November. Articles are entertained all the year round but authors wishing their mauscripts to be published in a particular year should endeavour to submit their mauscripts not later than 30th of June of the same year. The submission of a paper implies that it has not been published elsewhere, and is not under consideration for publication with other journals. Once a paper is accepted, it is assumed that the author has ceded copyright to the journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical physics. Manuscripts must be in English, should be typed in double spacing and should not exceed 20 typed A4 pages in length. Authors are urged to pay carefully attention to symbols, which should be typed neatly or written in ink, and properly aligned to distinguish subscripts and superscripts. All tables, figures, and references must be cited in the body of the paper. References listed at the end of the paper must be cited in the text. Tables and Figures should be numbered in the order in which they are cited in the text. Each table and each figure should occupy a separate page. Originals of the figures should be in black in and should be large enough that they are clear after about 30% reduction. Authors should also submit a 3.5m floppy diskette containing their manuscript done in any version of Microsoft word. Alternatively articles can be submitted online through the Internet as an attachment to the Editor-in-Chief's e-mail address as indicated below .If this procedure is followed, the contributor should notify the Editor through his phone # as indicated below. Manuscripts should contain the following headings, where appropriate; TITLE (followed by the author's name and address); ABSTRACT (That is, a brief summary of the contents and conclusion of the paper, not exceeding 200 words); INTRODUCTION; THEORETICAL ANALYSIS; EXPERIMENTAL WORK; RESULTS AND DISCUSSION; CONCLUSION; ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS AND REFERENCES. All papers will be acknowledged and refereed and papers once received will not be return to authors. Contributors of an accepted paper will be expected to pay a publication charge of N8,000 (eight thousand Naira) following the same payment procedure as explained above. J. O. A. Idiodi, Ph.D. Editor-In-Chief, NAMP, Department of Physics, University of Benin, Benin City, NIGERIA. Tel: 0803-7994106 Email: or

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