Curbing the menace of social engineering attacks: A case study of Nigeria

  • R.E. Asibor
  • O.H. Omorogbe
  • O.B. Igbinovia
Keywords: Vishing, social engineering, cyber security.


Advances in Internet-based mobile smartphones is a panacea in deployment of mobile applications across the various platforms, which in turn has allowed such mobile users to harness the many benefits therein to help accomplish data processing tasks. But, this is consequently, exposed many mobile platform clients, who are now constantly besieged by data security threats (that is not limited to social engineering attacks). Thus, clients are now bothered with their smartphone exposure to possible data loss, redundancy, non-repudiation to mention a few – if they are to adopt these new paradigms. Thus, this study seeks to sample social engineering attacks on mobile phone users across Nigeria as well as seek measure to curb the fears/doubt in the mind of smartphone users (clients) through the recommendation of measures to increase their trust-level in smartphone Internet-based supported services.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1116-4336