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Crustal structure of Ilesha, Nigeria from aeromagnetic data using geomagnetic modeling and Euler deconvolution technique

Levi I. Nwankwo
Naheem B. Salawu


Geomagnetic modeling and Euler deconvolution technique were usedto quantitatively decipher the crustal structure of the Ilesha, Nigeria. The total magnetic intensity map of the area was first reduced to the magnetic pole. Next, analytic signal map was obtained from the pole reducedmap, which was subsequently used to delineate the boundaries and location of magnetic sources responsible for the anomalies in the study area. Euler deconvolution process was carried out on the analytical map with a chosen structural index value of 1.0 as a good estimator based on the existing
geological information of the area. The depth to magnetics sources from the Euler deconvolution technique ranged from 89 to 875 m, also a 2D profile analysis of the aeromagnetic map along a suggested fault line from the Euler map shows the depth to the fault to range between1 and 30km. These results will definitely helptounderstand the basement structure of Ilesha in terms of lithologic characteristics and tectonic inferences.