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Sheared semi-infinite crack originating at the boundary of a circular hole in a non-homogeneous infinite solid

N J Nwawuike


The configuration studied is that of a non-homogeneous infinite solid containing a central hole and a semi-infinite crack, originating from one side of the hole. Longitudinal shear loads of magnitude Tj, j = 1, 2 are applied on parts of the crack surface. It is found that the dominant fracture characteristic is that of a hole or semi circular notch. The maximum stress δψz(R, 0) expected at the hole-interface junction, where further cracking is likely to commence, is derived in a closed form. The case of the stress when the lower crack surface is not loaded (T2 = 0) is presented in a graph to enable understanding of the stress ratio δψz (R, 0)/T1 as the radius of the hole grows and/or as the load site varies.

Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics Vol. 9 2005: pp. 69-78