Non-uniqueness in the interpretation of resistivity sounding – II

  • O Egwebe
  • SO Ifedlili


Non-uniqueness in the interpretation of resistivity soundings is a known major problem in Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES) results because of the principle of equivalence and suppression. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate a solution to this problem in Ulogwe-Isumpe and Oriokan-Abavo both in Delta Sate of Nigeria. Five VES were conducted in Ulogwe-Isumpe and Oriokan-Abavo, boreholes were drilled one each in VES1 and VES 3 locations, for the purpose of correction of VES results by comparison between the obtained geoelectric sections from the VES curves interpretation and the borehole logs. And correlating the corrected geoelectric section with the sections of the other VES curves, the accepted geoelectric section (called the unique section) was generated for each VES curve. The accepted geoelectric sections for the other VES curves were confirmed by simple comparison of the sections with the logs of boreholes drilled at the location during the second phase of the field work. And the result showed a close correlation between the borehole logs and the accepted geoelectric sections.

Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics Vol. 9 2005: pp. 431-436

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eISSN: 1116-4336