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Assessment of computer use in pharmacy practice in Delta State, Nigeria

U.D. Adje
R. Akonoghrere
S. Akpan


Background: Availability and proficiency in computer use by pharmacists could potentially improve pharmacy service delivery and patient outcomes.

Objectives of study: To assess skills, attitude and explore barriers to use of computersin pharmacy practice community pharmacists in Delta state. Data was expressed as frequency and percentages. Chi Square test was done to explore relationships. A p-value of less than 0.05 was regarded as significant.

Result: Computers were available in 68 (34.0%) pharmacies/pharmacy departments. Only 7 pharmacists (3.5%) rated their computer skills as excellent. Self -reported proficiency level was highest for word processing program (2.99±0.83) followed by Microsoft access (2.56±0.87) and SPSS (2.27±0.94) on a scale of 1-5. There was a significant relationship between additional qualifications of pharmacists and the use of computer in pharmacy practice, X2=2.189, df=1, P=0.002. Attitude towards computer use was mainly positive, (92.8%). Lack of trained personnel (30.5%) and power supply (28%) were the major barriers identified.

Conclusion: Self -rated proficiency level was a little above average, while lack of power supply and trained personnel were the major barriers to computer use in pharmacy practice

Key Words: Computer skills, Proficiency, Pharmacy practice, Delta state, Nigeria