GENERAL NOTES The Journal of Phytomedicine and Therapeutics (JOPAT) (formerly Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (JPRD) is a bi-annual publication in English Language. The journal welcomes studies from a wide variety of disciplines in the pharmaceutical and medical sciences, natural sciences, applied sciences and other disciplines related to pharmaceutical, medical research and development. It is a publication of the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD), Abuja, Nigeria. JOPAT is currently indexed in Chemical Abstract and EMBASE Excerpta.
Types of Paper
The following types of papers will be considered for publication:
Review Papers: Review papers should usually be written at the invitation of the Editors. Unsolicited reviews will be welcome but authors wishing to submit a review are requested to consult the Editorin-Chief at the earliest stage, i.e. prior to the commencement of writing.
Full Length Papers: These are full length reports of original research. A full length paper should not normally exceed 10 printed pages (double spacing) in length excluding figures and tables.
Short Communications: These should report preliminary data from original work, which are not yet sufficiently advanced to warrant a full paper, but which are of sufficient importance to justify publication in this form. Short communication should not exceed 4 printed (9 typescript pages). They should preferably have a 20 - 50 words abstract, maximum of 8 keywords and a few reference list.
These should be information of interest to the scientific community like Fellowships, Conferences, new discoveries, inventions, scientific equipment, etc.
Submission of Papers
Three (3) copies of the manuscript must be submitted. All typing and format instructions (see below) must be strictly adhered to as non-compliance will result to a delay in publication or return of the manuscript to the author. an electronic copy of the article will be required on acceptance of the article for publication.
Manuscript should be mailed to:
The Editor-in-Chief:
Attn: Prof. K. S. Gamaniel
National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research &
Development, P.M.B. 21, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria.
Phone: +234 (0) 9 780 3329
All manuscripts are subjected to editorial review. Manuscripts are received with the explicit understanding that they have not been previously published and that they are not intended to be published elsewhere. Submission of manuscript for publication implies the transfer of copyright from the author to the publisher on acceptance. Receipt of papers will be acknowledged and authors will be subsequently informed of the status of
their papers in due course.
Style of Manuscripts
The format of the typescript should be as follows:
Title and Authors: The title and authors should be on a separate page. The title should describe the contents fully but concisely, followed by the name(s) of the authors and full postal address(es) including telephone, fax and e-mail. The author to whom proofs and correspondence are to be sent should be indicated.
Abstract: The abstract comprising about 250 - 300 words of the length of the text of the article should clearly describe the contents and results of the paper. This should be done for easy listing in Chemical
Keywords: The Abstract is to be followed by a maximum of 8 keywords for abstracting and indexing purposes.
Introduction: This should give the reasons for undertaking the study and a summary of the experimental plan. Exhaustive literature should be avoided and current literature should be included.
Materials and Methods: These should be described in sufficient detail to enable readers reproduce the work, if necessary. Statistical tests used should be indicated. Authors should follow the Procedural terminology and International classification of diseases for terms relating to diseases; operations and procedures; and Chemical Abstracts for chemical terms. In the case of drugs, generic names should be used; while for new drugs the chemical description (formulae) should be illustrated. Metric equivalents are preferred. It is expected that the authors will submit only data that have arisen from research carried out in an ethically appropriate way. The Editors will not accept manuscripts, which violate this principle.
Results: The original and important findings should be stated concisely, without duplication in text, tables and figures.
Discussion: The principal conclusions drawn from results accompanied by an assessment of their significance should be included. Speculative discussion while not discouraged, should be based on the data presented. In general, the discussion should be as concise as possible.
Acknowledgment: This should be included at the end of the discussion section under a separate heading.
Reference: Reference in the text should be serially numbered in parentheses such as (10) or (15, 16) in the order of their citation in the text. The list of the references should be printed at the end of the
paper in numerical order as follows:
Taylor, R.B., Moody, R.R., Ochekpe, N.A., Low, A.S. and Harper M.I. (1990). A chemical stability of proguanil hydrochloride. Int. J. of Pharmaceutics, 60 : 185 - 190. Books: Dalziel, I.M. (1937). The Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa. Crown Overseas Agents for the Colonies, London.
Chapters in Books: Okogun, J.I. (1989). Indigenous pharmaceutical research and development planning, implementation and phasing. In: Strategies and Priorities in Indigenous, Pharmaceutical Research and Development. Wambebe C.O.N. and Olaniyi A.A. (eds) pp. 104 - 117, Integrated Press Ltd., Lagos.
Typing Instructions
Manuscript should be printed double-spaced using good quality A4 size paper and with at least 3 cm margins all round.
The title of the article should be in lower case with the first letters in upper cases and centred on the width of the typing area at least 3 cm from the top of the page. This should follow by three (3) lines of space and then by the name(s) and address(es) of the author(s) (also centred). The author for correspondence should be indicated on this page by the use of asterix.
The abstract should be typed on the next page. The title “Abstract” should be typed. Three lines of space should be given below the abstract before beginning the article itself. Each page of the manuscript should be numbered at the bottom-right-hand corner.
The words “Table” (followed by an Arabic number) should precede the tables on separate sheets. Each table should have a brief title. The position of each table should be indicated in the manuscript.
Drawings, graphs and other numbered figures should be with a high quality (e.g. LaserJet printer), or be black and white printed on a separate sheet, and placed at the end of the text. Figures should not be placed within the body of the text. They should be sized to fit within the width and height of the page, including any legend, label or number associated with them. Photographs (one set) should be supplied as clear black and white prints on glossy paper. The degree of reduction will be determined by the publisher but must be of appropriate size. Tables and figures should carry the paper titles and numbers at the back.
In general, the chapter title and the abstract as well as the tables and references are typed singlespaced. All other text discussions should be typed double-spaced.
A form for ordering reprints will be sent to authors of accepted manuscripts and should be returned immediately to the Editor-in-Chief. Five (5) free reprints will also be sent to authors.
Publications Charges
Accepted manuscript will be published with the understanding that the author(s) will pay a charge of Five Thousand Naira (N5,000.00) only (for articles from Nigeria) or Sixty US Dollars ($60) (for articles from outside Nigeria) per printed manuscript.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1118-1028