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Peer Review

Each paper is sent to three reviewers. The editor in chief takes the final decision based on reviewers’ comments.

Publication Scheduling

The journal is published twice a year (biannually)


Publication Malpractices
Ethical policy
  1. All manuscripts are published on the ground that they have not been published in or submitted to another journal
  2. All manuscripts involving human or animal studies are only published on provision of clear ethical approval from the relevant bodies
  3. All manuscripts are published on the grounds that they have distinct contribution to the body of knowledge in the relevant area(s)
  4. All submitted manuscripts must mandatorily be subjected to standardized review by acclaimed experts in the relevant field
  5. The journal frowns at plagiarism and fraudulent data manipulation by authors
  6. The journal frowns at undue favouritism by reviewers to any particular author or punitive review to a given or selected author(s)
The Journal of Pharmaceutical and Allied Sciences has the highest regards for quality publication in a truly ethical manner. All manner of publication frauds are seriously frowned at and will be meted with suitable sanctions as determined by the Editorial Board. Specifically, issues bordering on plagiarism, multiple  publication of same paper, fraudulent manipulation of data, would result to sanctions ranging from withdrawal of the papers, or de-listing of the author(s), to official reports to suitable ethical and publication authorities.
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Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-8499