Journal of Pharmaceutical and Allied Sciences

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Evaluation of the suspening property of Grewia gum in zinc oxide suspension

JO Kadiri, IS Okafor


The suspending property of grewia gum in zinc oxide suspension was evaluated. The gum was  extracted by maceration, filtration, precipitation and drying techniques. It was used at 0.3 to 1% w/v as a suspending agent for zinc oxide. Sodiumcarboxymethylcellulose (SCMC) and tragacanth were used as basis for comparison. The suspending properties evaluated included the sedimentation rate, sedimentation volume, ease of redispersibility, apparent viscosity and degree of flocculation. Results  obtained after 8 weeks of storage showed that the optimum suspending concentration for grewia gum  in the drug was 1% w/v. The sedimentation rate, sedimentation volume and the viscosity of the suspension containing grewia gum were superior to those made with tragacanth. No significant (P >0.05) difference in these properties was observed when compared with suspension containing SCMC during the period investigated. The suspension containing grewia gum was moderately redispersed. The degree of flocculation increased in the order SCMC
Keywords: Grewia gum; zinc oxide; suspension, evaluation

Journal of Pharmaceutical and Allied Sciences, Vol. 7 No. 1 (2010)
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