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Towards Improved Human Resource Development In Nigeria: Challenges And Prospects

E E Okafor
D Imohnopi


Development of society is the major preoccupation of most governments in the third world countries. As a result, human resource has been identified as one of the most important catalyst in the nation\'s development. Infact it is the major propeller for development. In Nigeria, this important and critical resource has not been fully developed, managed and utilized in such a manner that would engender development. Against this background this paper has identified factors responsible for human resource development to include; political instability, political corruption, poor investment in education, lack of infrastructural facilities, poverty and low technology. Consequently, the paper recommended; improved investment in education, implementable policies on human resource development, involvement of private organization in human resource development, ensuring political stability and credibility, as ways of tackling the problem of human resource development in Nigeria.

JORIND Vol. 4 (2) 2006: pp. 48-52