Creative arts linkages, historiography: means to global aesthetics appreciation and Nigerian nation building

  • E Ngene
  • JC Ogu


This paper surveys linkages and historiography in creative arts and globalization. The appreciation and possession of other nations’ creative art objects/artifacts links different cultures and nations together as they share common aesthetic experiences, history and knowledge which was unique to a particular nation. This paper discussed the position of Nigerian images/icons at the globe history. It explains that since its discovery Nigeria artifacts
such as the Nok Terracotta, Benin Art, Igboukwu culture have continued to be historical objects which attract attentions which linked nations to Nigeria. Some important literatures were reviewed and surveys conducted using simple opinion polls. The results showed that creative arts objects have linked nations who are interested in other nations’ artifacts. In the globe
these works are historically discussed as great objects of high aesthetics and culture.

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eISSN: 1596-8308