Causes Of Burnout Among Primary School Teachers Within Kericho Municipality, Kenya

  • G Ng'Eno
Keywords: burnout, primary school teachers, Kenya


Teacher Burnout is a type of chronic response to the cumulative impact of work stress. Most teachers who experienced stress also become burned out. Burnout normally has a negative impact on the teachers themselves, and on the pupils they teach. In order to reduce burnout for one individual, factors causing burnout specific to that individual in that specific environment need to be examined. Performance in Kenya certificate of primary Examinations has been declining in Kericho municipality and the poor performance has been attributed low motivation and heavy work load on the part of the teachers. This study examined the level of burnout among teachers based on the age, gender, teaching experience, type of school and employment level of the teacher. The study was a survey with a sample of 120 teachers which was obtained from a population of 300 teachers through simple random sampling and stratified sampling. Data was collected using a self-report questionnaire. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistic with the aid of a computer programme. The research study found that low salaries, lack of involvement in decision making, heavy work load and few opportunities for promotion were main contributory factors to teacher burnout within the municipality. The findings for the study are expected to be useful to all stakeholders in establishing burnout eradication programmes in educational institutions and primary schools in particular.

Keywords: burnout, primary school teachers, Kenya

Journal of Technology and Education in Nigeria Vol. 12 (2) 2007: pp. 9-18

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eISSN: 1118-5570