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Information Communication Technology (Ict) In The Nigerian Teacher Education Programme: Challenges And Prospects

BO Omatseye
J Ireyefoju


In today\'s world, Information and Communication are technologically driven. With the advent of electro-computers, teleprinters, the internet etc, the world is gradually being
referred to as an informed society. It has also been noted that this improved technology is
helping to build important communication links. Also, sharing information through this new
technology has the potentials not only in the promotion of economic growth, but more
importantly, making societies more stable. Without gainsaying, schools are expected key
players in this technology advancement. It is on this score that this article centres on
technological integration as becoming more relevant in the Nigerian education sector. The
emphasis here is on determining the technological directions of the Nigerian educational
system, by way prospects in the teacher education programmes. Significantly too, this paper
seeks to assess the present status of ICT in our teacher education programmes and the extent to which Nigerian teacher educators use technology in preparing the preservice teacher for the world of work in a fast growing technological age.

Keywords: Information Communication Technology, Teacher Education Programme

Journal of Technology and Education in Nigeria Vol. 12 (2) 2007: pp. 45-53