Industrial Design Management: The Focal Development for Textile Schools and the Industry

  • O Efajemue
Keywords: industrial design, textile schools, industry


The Nigerian textiles are on the downward trend for the past ten years. This had been blamed on the importation of second hand clothing and the inability of the textile industry to adjust to the technological growth. This has affected designs, productions, fastness of fabrics and the market forces. This paper suggest possible solution to this problem by examining the performance of the Nigerian textile industry, which includes, the workforce, appreciation of the end products at the market level, and the technological advancement of the industry. Design management is suggested as the solution to this problem. Design management entails creative design, technology and management. It is expected that the products of the design management course will revitalize the textile industry in Nigeria as to compete with other industries in the world.

Key words: industrial design, textile schools, industry


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eISSN: 1118-5570