Transfusion autologue differee: Etude prospective de 70 cas a l'hopital Saint Jean de dieu d'Afagnan (Togo)

  • K Tomta
Keywords: Transfusion autologous, Africa


The main objective is to promote autologous blood transfusion (ABT) in sub-saharian region. It is a prospective study from 2000, september the 1st to october 31st, at the saint Jean de Dieu Hospital of Afagnan (Togo). As results, all the 75 patients who received indication of ABT accepted the protocol; 70 of them, from which 62.9% were female benefited an ABT. The age of the patients varies between 13 and 80 years (average 33.2). Initial rate of the haemoglobin was on average of 11.7 g/dl; 15.3% of these patients had a heamoglobin diseases. The most frequent intervention were hysterectomies (21.4%), bone surgery (15.7%), prostatectomies (11.4%). Only one blood unit was taken out from 63 patients and two units from the 7 others. Giddinesses (5) and headhache (1) were noted during the taking away. During intra and postoperative periods, 41 patients were transfused of 45 units of blood (use rate: 58%). The percentage of patient who received transfusion was 48% in gynaecological surgery, 75% in orthopaedic and 88% in urology. Only one patient received an additional homologous unit of blood. The rate of haemoglobin was on an average 10.2 on the day after the surgery. No incident in connection with the ABT was recorded.
In conclusion, the ABT is a feasible, effective and secure method in the context of a small african hospital. It may be a solution to the problems of shortage of blood products and transfusion safety. Training and motivation are necessary for its successful implementation.

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