Esthetic Management of Gingival Lesions in Anterior Maxilla: The Role of VIP‑CT Flap, a Technical Note

  • A Rahpeyma
  • S Khajehahmadi
Keywords: Anterior maxilla, Pyogenic granuloma, VIP‑CT flap


Purpose: Anterior maxilla is a high esthetic demand region. Reconstruction of the soft tissue loss after pathologic resection needs special techniques.
Materials and Methods: This article describes the novel use of vascularized interpositional periosteal connective tissue flap of palate (VIP‑CT) for reconstruction after resection of long‑lasting pyogenic granuloma in anterior maxilla with underlying bone resorption in interdental region.
Results: Good esthetic results both in labial gingiva and interdental region were obtained.
Conclusion: VIP‑CT flap is an ideal option for reconstruction of the pathologic lesions that affect the anterior maxilla and create pathologic space in interdental region.

Keywords: Anterior maxilla, Pyogenic granuloma, VIP‑CT flap


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2006-8808
print ISSN: 2006-8808