Perspectives of Rural older adults on Gender and Equality of Opportunities in South-Eastern Nigeria: Practice Implication for Social Workers in Nigeria

  • Patricia U. Agbawodikeizu
  • Prince C. Ekoh
  • George O. Elizabeth


Despite all efforts targeted at creating a gender-balanced society around the globe; with equal opportunity for all citizens through research, intervention  programmes and advocacy, there has been a persistent occurrence of gender discrimination and inequality in access to opportunities in some rural areas  in Nigeria. This paper aims to examine how rural men and women understand the equality of opportunity for all citizens regardless of gender  disparity and highlight the barriers to achieving inclusive gender equity and national integration as this can help inform interventions and policy. Data  were obtained from a sample of 38 participants in Enugu-Ezike using In-depth Interviews (IDI) and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs). The collected data  was transcribed as verbatim as possible and analysed thematically. Findings from the study showed that majority of the male participants expressed  strong disapproval of giving equal opportunity to males and females, and offered traditional notions backing their stance. In addition, the female  participants indicated that their local traditional justice system is unfair to women and desired redress in that regard. The study recommends continued  education/sensitization programmes for the rural communities in Nigeria on value re-orientation pertaining to gender issues to be carried out by social  workers and civil societies/organizations. 


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eISSN: 1115-3946