Journal of Science and Technology (Ghana)

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Modeling of acetosolv pulp yields from plantain stalk

B. O. Ogunsile, M. A. Omotoso


Organosolv pulping processes have been developed as a substitute to the conventional process because of its little or no emission into the environment. Plantain stalk was subjected to acetosolv pulping at atmospheric conditions under the influence of three operating parameters, namely, concentration of acetic acid, H2SO4 – catalyst and time. The influence of the operational
variables on the pulp yield was evaluated using a second - order factorial design. The results showed that the highest pulp yield was 64.14 % which was obtained at the lowest value of the operational variables. The greatest influence on the pulp yield was caused by the concentration of acetic acid while the H2SO4 – catalyst had the least. The polynomial equation derived predicted the pulp yields with errors less than 6 %.

Keywords: Acetosolv, pulp yield, operational variables, factorial design

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