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Development of Convenient Cocoyam Pottage (Mpotompoto)

Ms. Alexandra Obenewaa Kwakye
Dr. Abena Boakye
Prof. Faustina Dufie Wireko-Manu
Prof Ibok Oduro


This study explored the feasibility of developing a ready-to-prepare cocoyam pottage, 'mpotompoto' to meet consumers' need for convenience in traditional dishes. Cocoyam chunks (1.2cm x 1.2cm x 1.2cm) were pre-gelatinized to obtain the instant base ingredient, and an accompanying spice-mix recipe was developed. Standard methods were used to determine the moisture content and selected functional properties of the ready-to-prepare base product. A consumer panel of fifty assessors who were familiar with sensory testing evaluated the product's organoleptic properties. A dish following a traditional recipe was used as control. The moisture content of the instant base was low (10%), signifying the potential for good storability. The water absorption capacity, oil absorption capacity, swelling power and solubility were 247.39 ± 7.12%, 87.98 ± 3.76%, 6.44 ± 0.58% and 3.78 ± 0.29%, respectively, indicating desirable functional characteristics for reconstitution. The consumer panel generally appreciated all evaluated products with mean likeness scores between 5 and 6 for all tested attributes on a 7-point hedonic scale. The convenient cocoyam pottage (mpotompoto) mimicked the traditionally prepared 'mpotompoto'. The study provides baseline information that can be commercially

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