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Circular Approach to Environmental Impact of Apparel Production in Ghana: A Narrative Review

Dr. (Mrs.) Akosua Mawuse Amankwah
Prof. Edward Appiah
Mrs Christina Okai-Mensah


Integral aspect of the garment industry is production. In Ghana, the linear model of production largely persists. There have been environmental concerns for the industry’s overreliance on virgin raw materials globally. The associated waste encompasses pre-production, production and, post-production waste and requires attention in Ghana. Although garment production culture varies from that of advanced fashion economies, waste generation and its negative impacts are universal and call for sustainable practices worldwide. Adopting a narrative review approach, this paper examines the various stages in garment production in Ghana, focusing on negative environmental impacts. The review highlights the adaption of models in the Circular Economy (CE) approach as a means of reducing the overreliance on virgin raw materials, and the tendencies of CE curbingthe excessive waste associated with garment production when adopted. The economic benefitof adopting CE, enhancing the per capita environmental impact of cities especially in Ghana towealth are highlighted.

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