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Effect of different threshing cylinders on soybean quality

A Addo
A Bart-Plange
RA Asuboah
K Dzisi


This study was carried out to determine the effects of spike-tooth and rasp-bar threshing cylinders on soybean quality. “Anidaso” variety at 10% moisture content (m.c.) wet basis was used as test sample. Four cylinder speeds (316, 376, 500 and 620 rpm) were selected with a replication. The results from this experiment showed that the lowest seed-coat damage of 5.36% was obtained with the spike- tooth cylinder at 316 rpm as against 7.17% at the same speed for the rasp-bar cylinder. Rasp-bar cylinder gave the lowest split loss of 0.68% as against 1.64% for spike-tooth at 376 and 316 rpm respectively. For undamaged whole bean, the respective highest values were 90.63 and 90.99% for rasp-bar and spike-tooth, respectively, at 316 rpm. The germination loss was lowest at rasp-bar threshing cylinder speed of 316 rpm. Better results were achieved at the lowest cylinder speed in both cases. In general, spike-tooth cylinder gave better results compared to the rasp-bar cylinder in soybean threshing at 10% m.c.

Journal of Science and Technology Vol.24(2) 2004: 121-125

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eISSN: 0855-0395