AFRREV LALIGENS: An International Journal of Language, Literature and Gender Studies

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Teaching and Learning Language and Literature in Nigeria for National Security and Crime Prevention: The Challenging Issues

GS Omachonu, DA Abraham


The paper discusses the place of language and literature pedagogy in Nigeria for national security and crime prevention. Employing a descriptive survey and a review of related literature, the paper presents an assessment of the security situation in Nigeria including the causes of insecurity in the country. It contends that even though the place of education in security matters has hitherto been neglected, proper education as found in language and literature pedagogy could be a potent force for combating insecurity given the right climate and disposition. The paper recommends that for corporate existence and collective fight against insecurity, Nigerians must shun ethnicity and the fear of domination; recognizing, believing and accepting the fact that as a nation, those things that bind us together are far more important than the issues of diversity. This way, all and sundry would see matters of national security with the required same eye-glasses.

Key Words: language, literature, teaching & learning, national

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