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Genderlect and Language Use in a Dynamic World

F A Okeke


The dynamism of the world and language can be likened to the movement of individual stars, whose constellations are continuously changing their shape. One can hardly think of any language conventionally used in any society in the world that can ever be permanently the same. None, but it will always change from one age to another. Language use therefore depends on the state of language and the world view at any point in time. The fast movement of human life span may make one to hardly notice any change in language which definitely occurs but slowly. Significantly, people are expected to use language appropriately, flexibly and accurately to enhance fidelity in communication. Since no two people speak one language the same way, there are usually noticeable differences. These differences as observed in this study, occur as a result of some factors among which are: age and education/social class, audience, gender etc. Hence this study examined the notion of genderlect and language use in a dynamic world. Some changes in language use over time have resulted in the emancipatory language used to refer to women instead of the old days’ derogatory expressions. Interestingly,what was deemed uncouth and barbarous in one age has been accounted polite and elegant in another. It was concluded, therefore, that societies should institutionalize positive attitudes where everyone is truly equal and treated as such and allow it reflect in the languages they use. This study believed that when this is done, the asymmetries that exist in language and which has been a socio-linguistic concern over the years will be of a little concern.

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