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Some features of monolingual LSP dictionaries

G Mihindou


Dictionaries are classified according to a certain set of criteria. On the one hand, there are general purpose dictionaries, aiming to satisfy the needs of the majority of users, and focused on the general vocabulary, and, on the other hand, there are limited or specific dictionaries for specialists dealing with language for special purposes (LSP). The type of dictionary dealing with technical and sometimes semi-technical vocabulary is compiled to satisfy the needs of those who already have a knowledge of a specific field but want to improve their skills. General purpose dictionaries are well known and users are relatively familiar with them, but it is not necessarily the case with LSP dictionaries. This type of dictionaries needs to be described or presented with emphasis on some of its features. As a result LSP dictionaries and general purpose dictionaries will often be compared.

Keywords: LSP dictionary, general purpose dictionary, meaning, technical vocabulary, general vocabulary, user needs, data distribution, macrostructure, microstructure, ordering typology

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