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Political Dissent and Autonomy in Wum Local Government, Southern (West) Cameroons, 1957 – 1968

TP Mbeum


Local governments are often regarded as instruments for mitigating conflicts and enhancing cohesion, integration and unity in pluralistic societies. However, these institutions have been hijacked by dissent and the quest for autonomy by disgruntled groups and politicians making it difficult for these goals to be attained. It is because of these factors that this paper examines the role political dissent and quest for autonomy have played in undermining the perfect integration of the Wum Divisional Local Government. It argues that the quest for political dominance, superiority, victimisation of opponents and infighting and secession tendencies accentuated conflicts in the area. It goes further to posit that, the one party system embraced in 1966 was not a panacea for political integration as it instead heightened old political party rivalry and allegiance leading to more imbroglio and disagreement in the Division.

Key words: Local government, political parties, colonialism, elections,
pluralism, dissension
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