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Core Practices of Teacher Preparation in an Outstanding Teacher Education Programmeme: Lessons for Practicebased Teacher Education in Uganda

Rovincer Najjuma


Worldwide, teacher educators and policy-makers have called for teacher preparation to be practice-based. Yet, we know little about what practice-based core practices can link teacher education with practice. Although a rich literature on critical features of teacher education has continued to develop over the past decade, this research has overlooked the core practices that facilitate teacher trainee learning about practice and learning in practice. This study takes a step forward by defining practice-based core practices in teacher education, identifying and documenting core practices and how they are enacted or implemented in a teacher preparation programmeme to facilitate teacher trainee learning and achievement of teacher standards. I present and discuss findings and lessons from a 10 - month instrumental case study with PGCE Secondary teacher trainees and expert teacher educators in an on-ongoing pre-service teacher education programmeme in England. It is hoped these results can be applied in other contexts, such as Uganda, with various models of initial teacher education; notably, they may be used to help inform and/or even guide efforts for implementing teacher education models based on and in practice.