Momona Ethiopian Journal of Science

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Performance Analysis of Solar Autoclave for Rural Health Center

Asfafaw HaileSelassie Tesfay, Ashenafi Kebedom Abriha, Endalkachew Minas


Proper sterilization of reusable medical devices and surgical instruments are critical aspects of modern health care delivery system that can also directly affect the patients. In off grid health centers and health posts, solar autoclave can have great contribution to facilitate modern heath care delivery by sterilizing medical infected equipment and reduces associated health risks. This research has developed a solar thermal based autoclave and analyzed its performance. The numerical and experimental results have validated with standard sterilization techniques and show successful and efficient results. The laboratory and community trial of the autoclave achieved temperatures of about 145°C and it was maintained it for more than 20 minutes that complies the sterilization process and procedures that has proved by the sterilization monitoring techniques. The field trial of the system was an encouraging comment to promote the technology and disseminate the technology.


Keywords: Solar autoclave; Autoclave performance testing; Solar sterilization; Rural health post; Off grid sterilization.
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