On two species of Opogona Zeller, 1853 from St Helena Island (Tineoidea: Tineidae: Hieroxestinae)

  • Timm Karisch
Keywords: Taxonomy, Tineidae, Hieroxestinae, Opogona, St Helena Island


A new species of Opogona is described, based on specimens collected at two sites with Gumwood trees (Commidendrum robustum (Roxb.) DC.) (Asteraceae) on St Helena Island. The species is very distinctive among all other known Opogona species on the island in its characteristic bronze-and-black speckled pattern of the forewings. Colour photographs of the moth and drawings of the male and female genitalia are given. Genetic and morphological examination of specimens treated as O. apicalis (E. Wollaston, 1879) and O. compositarum (E. Wollaston, 1879) revealed that they are conspecific, and these two names are therefore here synonymised, giving priority to Tinea compositarum E. Wollaston, 1879 over the equally old Tinea apicalis E. Wollaston, 1879 syn. nov.


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eISSN: 2307-5031